Meet our founder Amber.

Amber's passion for fitness and wellness stems from her youth, having spent over 15 years training as a semi-professional ballet dancer. A move from the dance studio to the gym saw Amber realise her love for lifting and training hard. She soon became a personal trainer, with one goal in mind: to help other women achieve their health and fitness goals, and realise their full potential in and out of the gym.

"Part of realising your full potential is feeling the confidence to do your best. Activewear is more than just the clothes you wear - it can instil confidence and contribute to both your mental and physical health."

Naturally, Amber created Amber Athletica, a women's active apparel brand, to inspire and unite women through creativity, performance, community, and passion.

"You will always remember the times you felt and looked your best. The Amber Athletica collections will allow you to embody your true confidence."

Love, Amber xo


Amber Athletica acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the land and pays respect to their custodians, past, present and future.